It has a three-dimensional shape and today it is known as the most beautiful machine-made carpet. Embossed flower carpets are produced from heat-set fibers that have high quality characteristics and give good resistance due to the heat they have seen. For the first time This model of carpet is embossed on the 1200 comb flower carpet weaving machine, which has a double appearance and beauty compared to ordinary 1200 comb carpet. The 1200-shoulder embossed rug is also known as the silk rug. Because the elegance and beauty of the design and the design and the prominence of the designs have made this carpet more similar to handmade silk carpets. Currently, the 1200-shoulder embossed carpet is one of the most popular models of new machine-made carpets in the market. For the reasons mentioned, the price of the 1200-shoulder embossed carpet is slightly higher than conventional models.